Application examples for artificial intelligence

We are using three special projects to show what is already possible today and where the journey could take us. One of our projects deals with the identification of clamping bricks, while the other focuses on minifigures. Sounds like a gimmick? But it’s not! These projects demonstrate how AI can recognize even small details, which can be useful in many areas.

Terminal block detection with AI

This innovative project demonstrates the power of artificial neural networks through the specialized recognition and classification of interlocking toy bricks. The technology opens a window on the many possibilities offered by modern AI and shows how precisely and deeply machines can “see” today.

Interlocking toy bricks are more than just children’s toys. They are a prime example of the complexity that AI can handle. From identifying different shapes and sizes to classifying them according to various criteria – this project shows what is possible today.

AI-controlled minifigure classification

This project represents a further development of our work in the area of interlocking toy bricks. The focus is now on the recognition and classification of minifigures, an important component of many building block sets.

This project represents a significant advance in visual AI recognition and illustrates its usefulness for everyday interactions. The advanced ability of this technology to recognize and classify complexly assembled minifigures not only makes it easier for collectors to manage their collections, but also has the potential to optimize industrial sorting and assembly processes. This opens up new possibilities for AI applications in work and leisure.

Library and Business Intelligence

The LBI Manager tool is an innovative solution for processing and analyzing historical and modern documents. It uses state-of-the-art AI technology and offers user-defined customization options to efficiently process and analyze a wide range of documents.

This tool is important for the digital transformation of archive material and the processing of current documents. It enables in-depth analysis and improves understanding and information retrieval. The combination of automated content analysis, classification of document elements and customizable processing pipelines provides valuable support for a wide range of industries, from historical research to modern data management. As a result, the LBI Manager tool opens up new possibilities for more efficient data handling and better use of information in different sectors.


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