In this section, we present our advanced document processing and analysis tool, specifically designed to digitize and deeply analyze both historical and modern documents. Our tool combines state-of-the-art AI technologies with user-defined flexibility to efficiently process both legacy and recent documents, gaining a better understanding and more accurate information from these documents.

Goals of the application

Processing and preparation of digitized old documents:

It enables the efficient processing and analysis of previously scanned archive and legacy documents in order to prepare and archive them for digital use.

Advanced analysis and information retrieval from modern documents:

In addition to old documents, the tool can also be used with newer, digitally available documents to carry out in-depth analyses and extract valuable information.

Main features

Our tool is characterized not only by its advanced analysis features, but also by its ability to provide a quick and efficient initial assessment of documents. This is particularly useful for customers who need an idea of the effort and overall duration of document processing. Within approximately 8 hours, we are able to provide an initial evaluation of catalogs or similar documents. This quick assessment allows our clients to make an informed decision on how to proceed and gives them a clear idea of what to expect from the full processing. This ability to quickly evaluate is a key benefit of our tool, enabling efficient planning and resource allocation for our customers.

In house data processing

  • Server-based processing: All data processed by our tool remains on our own secure servers at all times. This ensures that the documents and the information they contain remain under our direct control and supervision.
  • No disclosure to third parties: We guarantee that at no time will data be passed on to third parties. The confidentiality of your information is our top priority.

Further developments

  • Enhanced AI capabilities: We plan to further develop the AI components of our tool to deliver even more accurate and faster analysis results. This includes improving machine learning algorithms, incorporating newer technologies, enhancing the user interface for more intuitive navigation and expanding analytics capabilities for specific industry needs.
  • Integration of new features: Based on customer feedback and market trends, we will add new features that will improve the user experience and increase the applicability of de
  • Customer-centric development: Our future development plans will be heavily influenced by customer feedback and needs to ensure our tool remains relevant and effective.


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