Artificial intelligence

Introduction to the world of artificial intelligence

If you’ve ever wondered how your smartphone recognizes faces or how streaming services know exactly which movie or series you want to watch next, you’ve come to the right place. AI has made amazing progress in recent years and influences our daily lives in many, often unnoticed, ways.

Why should you take an interest in AI?

Imagine a world in which diagnoses are more precise, cars are safer and everyday life is a little easier. AI has the power to fundamentally improve our lives. It’s not just for scientists or tech enthusiasts, but for all of us as it shapes the future in areas such as health, transportation and even leisure.

It is not as complicated as it sounds

You may have heard of terms such as “artificial neural networks” or “machine learning” and find them complicated. They are, but the basic principle is simple: it’s about teaching machines to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence – for example, recognizing objects or patterns.

Document processing

Component / Product recognition

AI processes as a cloud microservice

Mobile applications


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