We are a technical service provider covering processes within and next to Asset management, Content Management, Product Life Cycle Management and E-Commerce. Our long lasting experience from multiple individual projects and a wide range of technical know how allow us to support our clients and help them to build optimal solutions. Below you will find a list of our competences by field of expertise:

Media Asset Management (MAM)

Our Media Asset Management solution acts as a central storage of media data such as pictures, graphics, engineering drawings (CAD / CAM), videos, DTP documents (QuarkXPress, InDesign, MS Office, etc.). It therefore allows an easy and comfortable access to the stored data. Combined with our workflow solutions additional capabilities become available leading into a true omni channel data management solution.

Produkt Information Management (PIM)

Our PIM-systems allow a central, media neutral data storage of product information. Thereby they form the basis for an accelerated creation of marketing collateral documents such as catalogues, brochures and price lists. Additionally, the same information can be integrated in eCommerce systems such as web shops. In combination with our workflow automation, complex product scenarios such as multilayered approval or global internationalization can be achieved.


A successful B2C or B2B online shop demands an unique shopping experience with a tailor made and user friendly storefront. In order to instantky react on new market conditions and to lower costs, product data should be up to date up-to-date at any given time throughout all channels. We support you with the application of the latest eCommerce technologies.

Workflow Automation

The whole beeing more than the sum of it’s parts: Our workflow solution allows the skilled combination of various products up to an integrated process. Our credo is to grasp and model business processes as an overall solution. We do not focus on automation only, but also organize human interaction. Our solutions offer all the possibilities integrate such processes seamlessly.

DTP/Print Automation

Fully-automated creation of catalogues or web-based production of print media are merely two examples of use of our experience in the database-publishing-field. For implementation of our solutions we particular trust in Adobe’s InDesign Server technology. Combined with our workflow automation we can extend the integration up to a fully automatic print production process.