hybris Integration für Cumulus

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The hybris integration optimizes your online shop

The standard interface connects your hybris shop with Cumulus and provides for more efficient processes by the production and publication of Content for online shops which are maintained with hybris. They keep the overview of all your digital contents, the licences and avoid errors by the daily work.


Sell faster!

The comfortable searching functions and filter options of Cumulus, as well as the miniature views help in choice of the media files and reduce searching times onto the right file. The pictures required for the work and videos can be used immediately from the Cumulus data bank in the product portfolio. On this way you update your hybris shop even faster with topical contents.

In combination of Cumulus and hybris as for example release workflows can be illustrated any internal workflow efficiently. As soon as an asset is released, the Content Manager can access this. Of course external workflows, like the cooperation with photo agencies can be also installed, and accelerated strongly by automatisms.

Online-Content – always updated

All channels go back on the Digital Asset Management (DAM) as a leading media archive. If one changes a picture or a video in the DAM, it is changed as well in all channels. Either automatically or, however, at least with a notice to everybody which use the element. Thus the pictures, videos and documents always remain on the newest status, including the attendant licence information. Therefore a picture can be removed, e. g. at the end of the licence rights automatically from the shop or be exchanged for an alternative.


A central media library

You would like to use the pictures which you use in hybris also in other departments or divisions of the company? With Cumulus you can manage all digital Assets centrally and avoid thus the work with duplicates and different versions.


Key Benefits

  • Quicker Content supply of the hybris shops
  • Central media system
  • Consistent licence and right management
  • Automatisms for routine job
  • Efficient work routine by production and publication of Content