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Mobilization Human Machine

Emmet Software Labs developed a smartphone app for medium and large data processing. This app assembles the access modules by rules and rights on each system individually.

Current function modules are available for purchase, time management, PPS, customer and supplier data and the provision monitor for sales agencies. Without personified authorization data everyone can access price, inventory, catalog and order status via the server based ERP system. The advanced views need a personified login access.

The app-in-app concept allows internal, sales force and Industry 4.0 applications on Android devices to be usable for daily tasks. Current order and production documents can be summarized by the protected Google-Apps-for-Business apps to an integrated user experience as hybrid app.


Each user can use only the functions he needs (e.g. management) on his smartphone or tablet. Especially suitable for personell planning in craft business. The existing integration to EPCIS allows the proof of delivery and supply chains. Due to the elimination of travel times in Industry 4.0 tasks, it is possible to check, for example from the Android tablet, whether there are tasks for maintenance work, certifications or briefing documents, or what shift and order schedule look like.

Especially the use of modern technologies in professional and production environment motivates the employee and upgrades his task field. This app makes change-management processes much easier and faster. In Industry 4.0 deployment, MES production data is elegantly visualized on a site-specific basis and forwarded to the production and QS management. An interface for the transfer of Makers concepts into our machine infrastructure as a replicator is currently under development, as well as in perspective Google Glasses, for example to support pick-by-voice picking.


As a generic container of menu widgets that keeps development costs low, but includes numerous building blocks of WiKis, Moodle, and content servers with ready-made templates. Because of the native implementation for the Google Android system are phone contacts and the inclusion of all Google services present.

At the beginning of our White Label ERP App, test users formulated the design and the current functions significantly. If the user do not like the layout, the handling or the appearance, he will switch to another supplier (crowdtesting). Our ERP app can basically communicate with other services on the Internet, which are equipped with their own IP address. This allows intuitive monitoring and control scenarios in the field of game consoles to map well. For the masters a decoupling of various desk activities and meeting minutes happens. Accompanying documentation and recording in learning environments is multimedia. In addition, our ERP app allows you to create shopping lists yourself and to integrate customer data, new contacts and AR animations.

What our customers say

jwbBU: Jan Westerbarkey, CEO of Westaflex GmbH in Gütersloh: „No matter what information employees need, our ERP app provides it flexibly. The SQL views uni-directionally integrate all database sources such as ERP, MES, CRM, quality assurance or time management.

Prepared for Industry 4.0

The flexible app-in-app concept allows Industry 4.0 applications to be central usable on android devices for daily tasks. Thus users receive a fast and live overview of catalogs, prices, inventory and production documents. Applicable order and production documents such as packaging regulations or the correct handling of hazardous substances can be summarized in other Google Apps in one application. “Especially the use of modern technologies in the professional and production environment motivates the employee and enhances his task field”, continues Jan Westerbarkey. “Through this app communication, change management processes are also much easier and faster. In Industry 4.0 deployment, MES production data is elegantly visualized on a site-specific basis and passed on to production management and quality assurance. “Users wishing for new content and menu items in the app can contact Westaflex directly. However, as with a cooperative model, the enhanced software will be made available for shared use by other companies.


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